Test and Tune

We need to set up starting at noon on Sunday, so please be there early, but NO-ONE is allowed on the tarmac until noon, as that is when Cornie has asked the Airport to be closed. We are targeting a starting time of 1:00 PM We will continue until 5:00 so you will have ample time for practice runs.
You must be a paid up member to attend or part of the immediate family of a member. If you bring along a friend, he will have to buy a membership for $30, which then allows him all the privileges of membership and he or she can attend all three test and tunes this year. You can purchase this onsite.
You also must sign a waiver and if you have children under 18, you must sign for them. The no drugs or alcohol rule is always in effect, and anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave and may have their membership revoked.
There are no services available except for the washroom in the Airport Clubhouse. Bring your own lawn chairs. See you there. The Committee.